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First of all, I’d like to say that we were all put on this earth for a reason and purpose.

I feel that I was put on this earth to help men succeed with women. It's a jungle out there in the dating world for men now and for many men, the search for love, sex, and romance continues to be frustrating, unfulfilling, lonely, and heart breaking.

He competes for grades, competes for friends, competes to be on the varsity team and he competes for THAT girl.

If you are a man and having trouble landing THAT girl, your problem stems from looking at it as a competition.

This puzzle pictured above is one of their more challenging ones (aimed more at age 3).

This puzzle is a finished example (with “Congratulations!!

Sexy Body Language to Attract Women How would you like to use your body language to attract hot women and have the upper hand before you even speak a word to her?

Career Focus: America's #1 Singles Expert, Author, Publisher, Owner of Radio & TV Personaility, and Dating Coach.” dancing across the screen) of a puzzle aimed more for an 18 months old.One thing I love about this app is the great variety of puzzles – they keep adding new ones all the time and they focus on everything from letters, numbers, musical instruments, mechanical transportation, animals…you name it!The child takes the puzzle “piece” from that box and drags it to the silhouette they believe it fits to.If they’re wrong, they get to try again and soon if they are stumped a little hint arrow appears.