What does validating identity mean on a wireless network

AU_Game Net access points are located in residential halls and restricted to registered devices.

AU_Open AU_Open is a wireless network strictly for visitors to campus that need temporary Wi Fi access (30 days or less).

Configuring PAWS-Secure on Windows 7This will explain how to configure PAWS-Secure on a Windows 7 device.

If you have difficulties with your connectivity after configuring your device, a Windows 7 PAWS-Secure Troubleshooting Guide is available.

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You pass your driver’s license to the bank teller, and the teller inspects the driver’s license, going through a checklist of sorts: to the money you asked for?

Users for this network require an account sponsor to fill out the request form for a Temporary Account.

AU_Guest AU_Guest is a publicly available resource that is managed and supported completely by Verizon Wireless.

This chapter examines the relationship between authentication and authorization and how to build policies for each, describing a few common Authentication Policies and Authorization Policies to help you see how to work with these policy constructs.

The previous chapter focused on the levels of authorization you should provide for users and devices based on your logical Security Policy.